Order of the Stick Fan Art

Inspired by the purchase of a vector art program and the clean simplicity of Rich Burlew's drawing style, I decided to produce a few fan art samples, in the same style as his 'incentive comics'. Having made them, rather than leaving them to languish in the OOTS chat fora, I thought I'd put them on their own page. And here they are.

I also feel I should repeat a comment I made in the original chat –

I must say, Rich's artwork is easy to copy, because it's so simple. And yet he shows how to convey emotion and humour, and how to make characters into unique people using the bare minimum of visual cues. Now, making art look easy is one thing. But making it so easy that even newbs like me can follow it and start creating their own is another level of coolness entirely. Thanks for the inspiration, Rich, it's priceless.

Incentive Comics – Fan Art

Click on the images for the full-sized versions. By the way, their faces are a little pink in the .PNG images. I think this was a quirk of the image converter I used at the time. I have a better convertor now, and I will replace these images with some more faithful conversions soon.

Slipped Vowels

Holey Starshine (39KB) Lean (35KB)


Prismatic Roy (44KB) Thog's Lightning (88KB)


Faarsuvius (7KB) Duckon Thundershield (39KB)
Elkar Bitterleaf (35KB) Rich (48KB)


My original image versions are in ArtWorks format. Control- or shift-click to download and save a local copy. These should be readable on PCs using the Xara family of graphics programs. Don't know about Macs, sorry.

Rich's Mine
Original OOTS incentives page Duckon Thundershield (18KB)
Elkar Bitterleaf (25KB)
Faarsuvius (15KB)
Nearsuvius (15KB)
Holey Starshine (23KB)
Lean (18KB)
Prismatic Roy (22KB)
Rich (36KB)
Thog's Lightning (379KB)

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