Irregular Webcomic!

Crikey! David Morgan-Mar, owner of this long-running webcomic is running a competition! The rules are simple; remix and recaption some of his (about 5,000) existing comic frames to make a new masterpiece. As the majority of his regular characters are small, yellow and plasticky, e.g. [fig. 1] I'm sure he's expecting a mostly small, yellow and plastic-themed contest. Mostly.

Some of the Cliffhangers Cast
Figure 1: Some of
the Cliffhangers Cast

I'm taking a different approach. After all, one of the longest-running themes is the Me theme. Plenty of material there. In fact, I'll be doing two entries (if I'm allowed to).

Entry #1

First entry
1 Me: So… The IWC Remix Compeition, eh? Complete with "fabulous prize".
2 Me: It's going to take a work of comic genius to win that one.
3 Me: I know! Just collect ALL the funniest pixels from ALL 2,212 comics to date, and mash 'em together!
4 Me: Ta - daaa!

Entry #2

Second entry
1 Me: …And just what is the "fabulous prize" for the IWC Remix competition going to be?
2 Me: As a few of you anticipated, I didn't really have anything specific in mind.
3 Me: To be honest, I was hoping the competition entries would provide inspiration.
4 Me: It's just as well this one didn't win, or there wouldn't have been any prize at all!

So, d'ya think I've got a chance of winning?


This material is released under a Creative Commons licence. The originals were by David Morgan-Mar; the derivative versions here are by Simon Smith. © 2009 Creative
Commons License

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