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I am currently running an En Garde! campaign for the Kingston Games Group. Here I provide on-line copies of Toady (the monthly newsletter) and other material for the campaign. If you're not in the game the only reason to wade through all this nonsense is if you find silly French names funny. If you are in the game, it is of course Vitally Important that you check this site hourly for new developments such as the the publication of the latest Toady. Naturally if you only check the site hourly you will be at a severe disadvantage compared to the players who visit every 5-10 minutes. I do have log files, you know.


Another site that is arguably the core resource for all things En Garde! is Pevans' Place. Pevans and Theo were the people responsible for the UK reprint of the En Garde! rules at a time when Game Designers' Workshop, the copyright holders, had no financial reason to reprint it. You can probably thank Pevans and Theo for the fact that there is an En Garde! community now. There is also a Yahoo group for En Garde! GMs. Here's the link.

The Kingston gamers currently meet at The Willoughby Arms so it only seems fair to link to the pub as well. Excellent beer, very well kept and a good variety too. There's usually about five real ales available at any one time - including Deuchars, Pride, Pedigree, and Spitfire among others. They haven't paid me to say that, although I might try cadging a pint later. What's more, they're used to loonies because of all the gamers that go there.


Note that there are two games called En Garde. One has an exclamation mark, the other doesn't. Just so that everyone's clear on the subject, we're playing the version of En Garde! with an exclamation mark. Now, that of course raises the question of how you pronounce En Garde! with an exclamation mark, but fortunately when we seek an answer the World Wide Web comes to the wescue - er, rescue:

En Garde! (the version we're playing) contains an alveopalatal click, as used in the Xhosa language of South Africa. There is a (quite technical) description of the pronunciation method at this URL.

Campaign Documents

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